Modernist Star Wallpaper

Wallpapers inspired by modernist hydraulic tiles from the mid-nineteenth century. They are made of vinyl with adhesive on the back, to be placed on the wall or any smooth surface such as walls, floors, furniture as drawers or tables or any decorative element.
It is very easy to install and clean, it has a high durability and you can reposition it during installation to perfectly fit the final assembly. Attaches, repositions and uninstalls without damage.

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We have vinyl rolls of 24 inch (61 cm) wide and of various lengths, so you can choose depending on the height of the space you want to cover. We can also customize your order by printing the rolls as you need.

To get an idea of ​​the real size of the design and the quality of the material before placing the final order, you can request a sample of the wallpaper by selecting the option “Sample” in the dimensions drop-down.

Finishing options

In the finish drop-down list, you can choose the tile with the desired finish: smooth finish (ideal for covering wall and furniture tiles), canvas finish (for covering wall/furniture, canvas-like textured vinyl), or floor finish (ideal for covering tiles on floors, vinyl with non-slip and more consistent transparent lamination).

How do I install it?

Simply peel off and stick the vinyl wallpaper wherever you choose in a comfortable and clean way. The wall or surface where you paste the paper must be smooth, and be clean of dust and old coatings to ensure its perfect fixation. Easily change the decoration of your home or workplace!

Cover the surface with the vinyl paper by gluing one roll next to the other. If desired, we can add 0,60″ of overlap between rolls to make matching and aligning the design much easier. After installing the vinyl paper, gently wipe the surface with a slightly damp cloth.


All of our vinyl wallpapers can be easily cleaned with household cleaning products. Do not use abrasive cleaning products because they could reduce the duration of the vinyls. We print our vinyls with Greenguard certified eco-solvent inks, so they are totally respectful with the environment and safe to be used in children’s areas and anywhere in your home.

*Note: The color of the vinyl wallpaper may vary slightly from what is displayed on the screen, due to the fact that the on-screen display has a different contrast ratio than the printer.

Additional information

Dimensions (Height x Widht)

Sample 6 x 6" (15 x 15 cm), 24 x 40" (61 x 100 cm), 24 x 59" (61 x 150 cm), 24 x 71" (61 x 180 cm), 24 x 87" (61 x 220 cm), 24 x 98.5" (61 x 250 cm), 24 x 119" (61 x 300 cm), 24 x 158" (61 x 400 cm)


Smooth, Canvas, Floor